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Denis Ten is performing during the 2010 Olympic Games. Ten died Thursday at the age of 25 after being stabbed during an attempted robbery in his native Kazakhstan.

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Lewis Hamilton agrees to 2-year Mercedes contract extension

(CNN) - Tributes are being paid to Denis Ten, Kazakhstan's Olympic medal-winning figure skater, who died Thursday at the age of 25 after being stabbed.

Ten, who became the first Kazakh figure skater to win an Olympic medal when he secured bronze at Sochi 2014, was stabbed as two men attempted to steal his car mirrors, according to news agency Kazinform.

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Lewis Hamilton agrees to 2-year Mercedes contract extension

The former world silver medalist was taken to the hospital after the attack in in Almaty, the country's largest city, but died later of his injuries.

American figure skater Adam Rippon described Ten as a "huge inspiration."

Rippon wrote on Twitter: "My skating friend, @Tenis_Den, passed away today. He was so kind to everyone and a huge inspiration to me and so many other people.

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Brand Identity and Design

Typography plays a crucial role in the design of your brand identity .

Defined as “the art or process of setting and arranging types” – the typography in your logo can be as impactful as a graphic.

“the art or process of setting and arranging types”

Great examples of brands that use typography-based logos ( logotypes ) are FedEx, Google and Coca-Cola.

And even if you do have a graphic ( Lilico Crystalembellished Satin Platform Sandals Black Sophia Webster Sneakernews Cheap Latest Collections Amazing Price Free Shipping Countdown Package Sale Explore QVpVdw
) in your logo design, the typography used with it says a lot about your brand.

1. The right font.

The most obvious element of typography is font choice . Your brand’s personality is expressed in the fonts used to present its name and tagline in your logo.

font choice

A font family is a named set of typefaces, like Times Roman or Helvetica.

font family

A font category is a more general classification of a font, like serif and sans serif .

font category sans serif

Here are some examples of the most common font categories and how their styles translate in a logo design:

Serif fonts Sans serif fonts Script fonts Handwriting fonts Display fonts

When used together, fonts need to complement each other the same way colors do, and they shouldn’t have competing styles. For example, pairing a script with a handwriting font or italic doesn’t work. It’s better to use a serif or sans serif with a script.

It’s better to use a serif or sans serif with a script.

There are so many beautiful (and free!) fonts available these days – it can be difficult to limit their use. But in your logo, they need to be used sparingly. One or two carefully paired choices will make your logo aesthetically pleasing and professional.

One or two carefully paired choices

For special promotions or different product offerings, it’s okay to use more variety, but in the design of your brand identity, keep it simple .

Whether it’s narrow or wide, horizontal scaling can be used as a defining design style .

Tracking is overall letter spacing between a line of letters. Kerning is the space between a pair of letters.

Tracking Kerning

Tight tracking , especially with a bold font, can be very impactful . Loose tracking can be a beautiful treatment for a modern, sophisticated look, particularly with all caps.

Tight tracking

How the Left Profits from NASA

NASA has entered into an almost incestuous relationship with left-wing pro-global-warming organizations—many of them are tax-exempt nonprofits. NASA’s respected name on a report, regardless of its merit, stamps a ‘gold standard’ on even the most alarmist warming report.

NASA’s biased global warming studies have therefore become a respectable source of material for many radical organizations, used to justify and lend credibility to their theories, to cite in papers and conferences, and to use to raise money for their radical agenda.

NASA produces reports and data by James Hansen and his acolytes, and funds research like the “Socialism or extinction” study, which the nonprofits promote as gospel to justify their radical demands. They give greater exposure to NASA’s studies, which creates more demand for new NASA studies, and the cycle continues.

For example, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, uses NASA information in its Global Warming 101 primer (available at ), and it uses a Hansen op-ed to fight the Keystone XL Pipeline. NRDC even used an alarmist NASA cartoon video (available at Mens Beeston Chelsea Boots Redtape Clearance Fashionable Real Online Professional rmQ16aB
) that predicts catastrophic flooding of cities based on Hansen’s sea-level rise theories to argue for greater action and to scare kids. The anti-energy activist organization is yet another 501(c)(3) that promotes Hansen’s papers and data, as well as the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s works based on NASA data.

The Environmental Defense Fund has 223 pages of NASA information on its website, using America’s space agency to enhance its credibility and fundraising. Greenpeace’s website has 52 pages, and Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project has nine.

Friends of the Earth has 30 pages of NASA materials on its website and used a quote by Hansen to advocate for a carbon tax: “A price on emissions that cause harm is essential.”

Skimming the list of other radical environmental groups’ websites, the Earth Island Institute has 60 pages of NASA information, and the Sierra Club boasts 554 pages. Even the National Geographic Society has promoted Hansen’s theories on its website, where Hansen wrote that “recent heat waves that have triggered wildfires, droughts, and heat-related deaths in the United States and around the globe almost certainly would not have occurred without global warming—and will become more routine in coming years.”

The Center for American Progress (CAP) was founded by Obama ally John Podesta and is one of the major left-wing think tanks that provides policy support for the president’s agenda. CAP has supported the transmogrification of NASA. For example, CAP’s lobbying arm, the Center for American Progress Action Fund, promoted an alarmist report by Gavin Schmidt that claimed “2015 will be a scorcher relative to all other years in the record.”

From Rosetta Code
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You are encouraged to solve this task according to the task description, using any language you may know.

Given non-negative integers m and n , generate all size m combinations of the integers from 0 (zero) to n-1 in sorted order (each combination is sorted and the entire table is sorted).

3 comb 5 is:

If it is more "natural" in your language to start counting from 1 (unity) instead of 0 (zero), the combinations can be of the integers from 1 to n .



Nice algorithm without recursion borrowed from C. Recursion is elegant but iteration is efficient. For maximum compatibility, this program uses only the basic instruction set (S/360) and two ASSIST macros (XDECO, XPRNT) to keep the code as short as possible.

The solution is generic the formal parameter is the integer type to make combinations of. The type range determines n . In the example it is

The parameter m is the object's constraint. When n < m the procedure First (selects the first combination) will propagate Constraint_Error. The procedure Next selects the next combination. Constraint_Error is propagated when it is the last one.

: Python
: ALGOL 68 version Revision 1 - one minor extension to language used - PRAGMA READ, similar to C's #include directive.
: ALGOL 68G version Any - tested with release algol68g-2.6 .

contributed by Laszlo on the ahk Mens Alto Ii Mid Waterproof High Rise Hiking Boots HiTec Best Price Choice Cheap Price Unisex oOpsloLM


: BBC BASIC for Windows

The program first constructs a pattern with m variables and an expression that evaluates m variables into a combination. Then the program constructs a list of the integers 0 ... n-1 . The real work is done in the expression !list:!pat . When a combination is found, it is added to the list of combinations. Then we force the program to backtrack and find the next combination by evaluating the always failing ~ . When all combinations are found, the pattern fails and we are in the rhs of the last | operator.

Without recursions, generate all combinations in sequence. Basic logic: put n items in the first n of m slots; each step, if right most slot can be moved one slot further right, do so; otherwise find right most item that can be moved, move it one step and put all items already to its right next to it.

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